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May 20, 2020

What Preparation do we do before uPVC Window Spraying?

Our skilled and friendly spray teams follow the preparation set out below to provide the highest quality finish with long lasting flawless look.

  • We remove existing silicone and clean the surface of the window frames to ensuring that they are free from debris.
  • We scotch the surface to allow the paint to adhere 
  • Mask off all the areas surrounding the windows using masking paper and tape to ensures that there is no over-spray on the brickwork or glazing.
  • Application of a mist coat its applied to to make sure the surface is ideal for the main spray.
  • After the mist coat the main coat is applied two to three times until the finish is perfect.
  • All the masking tape is remover .
  • Then the windows are silicone around the frames in the chosen RAL colour to finish the look off.
  • Finally we tidy to reveal the finished transformation. 

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