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May 22, 2020

Blown or Damaged Laminate

Have your wardrobes blown & is the original laminate lifting or gone baggy & loose? Don’t worry we’ve got you covered.

Blown or damaged laminate is a common problems with many of our customers. and we have the perfect solution to getting your wardrobe or kitchen looking great again.

Problem Solved

The Process – With the original laminate being damaged this would need to be removed to reveal the MDF underneath, our team of experienced spray technicians will then prep the MDF back at our workshop, applying a Primer compatible with MDF and other wooden substrates. Designed for spray application, this Primer offers excellent sanding properties and provides a suitable surface for subsequent overcoating , once this has had time to cure a sand is needed to smooth out any imperfections before the top coat can be applied. Next we apply a quick drying, high build pigmented Acid-Catalyst paint formulated to provide outstanding resistance to abrasion, wet and dry heat, spirit solutions and a wide range of household chemicals.

Good to know

Any paint applied is only as good as the surface you’re covering, so please don’t try to stick down the damaged laminate as this will hinder the final look.

If your laminate is blown or damage why not send over a few picture, one of our team will be happy to offer our advice.

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