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Making home renovation projects more affordable

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October 1, 2019

Our Mission

At Restore My Door we understand that making changes to your home can be expensive, but we are committed to finding innovative and cost-effective ways to make these changes possible. We strive to provide homeowners with the information and the best solutions needed to affordably turn their space into the dream home they desire. Our mission is to provide cost-effective options for any renovation or remodel that homeowners want to do, from the small to the large. Our team is committed to researching and developing ideas for homeowners to find the perfect cost-effective solution for their individual home needs. Our experienced team is dedicated to helping homeowners achieve their dream home in a cost-effective way.

Are you thinking of giving your kitchen or wardrobe a makeover, but worried about the costs? Well, we have the perfect solution for you! Our innovative solutions mean you can save money and time, while still updating the look and feel of your space. Spraying, wrapping, or replacing doors is just some of the cost-effective options we offer to give your kitchen or wardrobe a fresh new look without having to start from scratch. So why wait? Let us help you make your space look and feel like new again!

Spray Paint

Our spray painting system guarantees to completely renew your kitchen or bedroom, to give them the showroom look that cannot be beaten! We use the most up to date painting technology to guarantee an unbeatable, long-lasting results.

Vinyl Wraps

For an inexpensive way to alter the entire appearance of your kitchen without the cost and chaos of taking out your existing kitchen.  Wraps are straightforward and fuss-free, and most jobs are usually completed in just one day with minimal interruption and no mess.

Simple door swaps

If you’re looking for a dramatic transformation, then look no further than our tailor-made door options. With over fifty distinct door styles and a host of stunning colours to choose from, you’ll be utterly spoilt for choice. Our complete service includes replacing the doors and spraying the carcass and any other fixed items, so it all matches perfectly.

Replacement items

Have you damaged items that just need replacing? Our range also includes plinths, cornices, pelmets, wine racks, end panels and much more. 

Finishing Touches 

For the final touches that will bring your project to life, you can’t go wrong with picking out the perfect handle. Give your kitchen a brand-new look, dress up wardrobes, or make your upcycling dreams a reality switch of your cabinet hardware is the optimum way to spruce up your kitchen or furniture, transforming the overall look in an instant. 

How to get a quote? 

If you’re serious about getting your dream makeover then get in touch with us today!   We’d love to discuss all the exciting possibilities for your home and help bring your vision to life, just drop us an email or call into our showroom. 

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