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May 22, 2020

As we all know replacing fitted wardrobes comes with a big price tag, hold on we can help!

Outdated trim or beading

Have you had fitted wardrobes for many years? They’ve no doubt served you well, perhaps they’ve become outdated & could do with a bit of a spruce-up? Have you moved in to a new home and there is an unsightly old-fashioned wardrobe, but you haven’t got the budget to rip out and replace?

With our cost-effective flatten and wrap service we can remove the trim or beading giving your exciting wardrobes a more sleek and modern look. With lots of vinyl wrap options from fresh white to dark greys in a choice of gloss or matte finish. Maybe mix things a bit up by adding a textured woodgrain to end panels & Pelmets, why not add the finishing touch with some amazing new door handles.

If you would like more information on our flatten & wrap service contact a member of the team info@retoremydoor.co.uk

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